Orbiting a bannable offense?

Orbiting a bannable offense

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Much as I want orbiting to become a bannable offence what constitutes as orbiting must be made clear first. It's too vague a concept and if looked at it in certain light every guy who posted on a thread made by a female irregardless of intentions(includes me) have orbited. This could be used by a female or mangina to spread discord through baiting under false pretenses.

I think if a guy has been proven to orbit through the use of this site I don't think they should be banned immediately.
IMO first should be given warning and allow them to explain their situation.
2nd time should force their profile into pink pilled, Cucksexual(special pink color), and gender should be sissy(since pink is taken color it brown for turd).
Then if the open objectively orbiting behavior persists only then should ban be considered.


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Phantom said:
maybe orbiting should reward a nice shiney blue pill and then if the orbiting gets more extreme then it becomes bannable
Than you may aswell bann them since blue pill section is gone there still gonna orbit femoids on the profiles
thats is their choice to continue orbiting which then it becomes their choice to get banned giving them a blue pill only serves as a warning having that in place would lessen the pointless why did person get banned threads


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Foids should be banned for ever, if they insult or even out lounge members….

Lounge members who complain about outings of shameful connections to foids should be outed off bluepill discussion by staff....