Opinions on women who sell sex


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Hey, im new here and don't have a lot of confidence in posting (I like to read what you guys like saying most go the time)

ANYWAY, what are your opinions on women who sell their bodies for money? Also on the men who buy sex?


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America is cuck and they don't allow it here. The people who run America want to make it illegal to be male, in order to inflate hypergamy and allow women to manipulate males by withholding sex. Many men would never go for the hellish nightmare of modern American relationships if they could get easy sex for European prices. Still, some males out there would still wait for "real love", mostly the semi-blue pills who still are waiting for a mythical unicorn known as "Mrs. Right" who they believe, isn't shallow, and will love them for who they are not how much money they make.


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ANYWAY, what are your opinions on women who sell their bodies for money ?

They should be paid not more than 30$ for 30min. If it exceeds that price, it is cuckholdy.
And l dont consider these women as woman. They lost their unique value they had in life. No woman in my family had any intercourse with another man than their own husband. At that point l am proud.

Also on the men who buy sex ?
Paying more than 30$ for 30min is cuckholdry. Just imagine. An average worker gets 10-20$ per hour. How can you pay 150 for half an hour just for 10min false sex ?
I cannot understand this...


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America charges $500- $2000 for 1 hr of sex with hookers and makes it illegal everywhere except las vegas. This level of cuckery is extreme and allows women to have utter control of the dating game, manipulate men for money, etc.

Imagine if i cost 1 hr to play PacMan or Halo...you'd say it's insane.