oneitispill for BalkanCels

King Abazo

There's nothing worse than having Axel as teacher
Why did you post a picture of a hanging rope? Is everything alright?


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Увек сам сматрао Бијело Дугме безвезним бендом. Што каже Анђус, "пајаци, циркузанти, медиокритети" :honk:

One motivational song for my Balkancels. Lyrics could easily be applied to MGTOW comrades ;)



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So today my favorite domestic composer/musician died due to COVID-19 infection.
I feel like this is the most appropriate topic to give my respect, show gratitude for his work and wish him to rest in peace.

Amazing spiritual and relaxing sounds of Serbia (and Balkan as a whole) and usage of old instruments. My total recommendation to everyone who loves folk music.
Superb vocals as well. The fact that his band was considered obscure only shows cultural degradation of Serbian society :(