On incels' unwillingness to go for landwhales


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Among all manifestations of having standards, the reluctance to go for extremely overweight women seems to be the least blamable among incels.
In this post I am assuming obesity, not caused by diseases, hereditary or not. I sincerely condole with those who are going through it and do not intend to offend them. After all, we are is the same boat, going through societal rejection for reasons we can't control
As obesity is often voluntary and usually one can't tell from the first sight when it isn't, I think there could be more in the disgust incels and other men tend to express over obesity in women than just aesthetic dissatisfaction.

Firstly, excessive body fat is likely to hide body features, specific to gender and, therefore, drawing attention of the opposite sex. This should work in both directions, as it's known that average male fatcels are doomed, while those with distinctive manly Chad facial features easily get dates.
They say positive mindset helps too. I think, it is useful as an indicator that one feels fine, which is important because obesity is notorious for leading to health issues.

When it comes to mindset, dating an overeating obese woman is cucked. Food is a well-known and widespread cope, and it's common knowledge that the only thing a woman might need to cope with in her daily life, is Chad's inaccessibility, assuming no disasters happened. So, for some reason they cannot get Chad, become severely overweight and then, when there is no longer any food around eating becomes insufficient to alleviate the pain of "loneliness" and frustration, it's either the "shut-in" route or intensification of coping. A whale becomes whimiskal, openly entitled and extremely pretentious. In both ways, the reason for the whale's misery is Chad's lack of interest. What's more, her orbiters will most likely shrink in numbers in pace with her gaining fat body mass.

While numerous incels claim to appreciate an obese GF, going for that would mean her admitting defeat and incapacity to make it with Chad, like all her friends do. From this it would immediately follow that those incels who'd actually try and approach obese women would get rejected. This is exactly what they are reporting, providing Tinder experiments' results, available on YouTube. As for fat women on there, they do get numerous matches and can afford to flatter their egos by rejecting the naive normies and/or treating them like submissive beta cucks they do tend to be.

Most incels must be realizing that either from experience or intuitively and, unsurprisingly, are discontented at the very idea. Over that matter, I cannot judge those who say that. I myself changed my mind on approaching fat women in the light of that. Better incel than cuck.
some extra body fat to accentuate the curves, as long as there are any, and a bit of occasional whims in women is hot AF IMO though tbh tbh ngl