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EteRnal Evil.
Here's the ultimate post of mine which I've been writing before the exams started Now it's in progress and it's nervous, so I took a break to finish it and share. The TL;DR is under the lower spoiler, no links to studies because they've already been posted and the cucks would ignore them anyway. It's made with the best intentions, wash your hands and don't go postal (not even in Minecraft)

There is a noticeable lack of clarity when it comes to the reasons why one should want to have one of the despicable creatures known as foids. Certain underdeveloped humanoids have persistently bashed blackpill-aware people, regardless of their romantic success, for both "hating w*men" and wanting them. Said humanoids have also disputed people's involuntary celibacy for rejecting cuckoldry and other forms of degeneracy that is apparently "ascension" in the clown world.

It's not hard to show that these "points" are invalid. The post might not be too big, but includes more than one big idea, so it will consist of parts, starting with...

Part 1. The definition of inceldom through added status.

Inceldom is defined as absence of the ability to get into a romantic relationship.

A lot of alleged "inconsistencies" of "incel ideology" stem from interpreting "romantic relationship" in the bluepill sense. That is, a consensual ( :soycuck: ) intimate long-term (?) connection between two adult individuals. The definition implies a lot of things, the ones that are related to the topic are: 1) holes can provide any sort of deep emotional connection; 2) there is more than one sexuality for each sex ("lEsBiAnS eXiSt iNkEL").

The connection thing is only possible under assumption that holes have personalities which vary and can compatible or incompatible with a given man's personality. This assumption is clearly incompatible with the existence of incels and holes riding the cock carousel instead of pair-bonding to a "personality-match". Since this idea contradicts the observable, it has to be abandoned, unless you hate yourself so much that you support a cult in whose ideology you are non-existent.

As for the queer agenda, it's nothing but a mental illness that should be treated in psych wards. One can effortlessly look up communities designated for these freaks and observe that they do behave like mentally ill people would and they do realize it's something that is not normal. What's more, faggot "relationships" cannot lead to a formation of a family unit, because this social construct is based on two genders and each gender is a rigid superstructure over respective sexes.

Going back to the connection point, one might wonder how exactly are relationships helpful and how a relationship can make an incel's life better. To somebody with no blackpill-awareness, a relationship without "le connection" is just sex. Why not just rent a harlot then? The answer is, of course, that it's looked down on, might negatively affect your social status and harm your relations with people around. If added status is defined as the change in one's relative social standing and image in the local commumity, paying for a whore clearly has negative added status.

The part that is seldom brought up and, perhaps unrightfully, frowned upon in the incel community is the clown world style "long" term relationship. Yes, even the supposedly "exclusive" ones are in a way similar to cuckoldry, polyamory and other zero added status degenerate activities because the holes are not in any way forced to choose 1 partner for a lifetime. Au contraire, they are encouraged to ride the cock carousel to the point where they become the embodiment of the empty egg carton meme. But, this pattern of relationships does exist and has pretty much always existed between the unattractive but rich and powerful statusmaxxers and top-tier foids, whose physical qualities, especially compared to those of their partners, could to an extent compensate for being an "experienced w*man". So, the clown world relationship model might have positive added status, only if the foid is very hot and well-behaved (but there are too few of them for everyone). As for holes below this threshold, they have no incentive to redeem their subhumanity with life-long commitment as you are supposed to, therefore doing that is cucked. In the recent years it has also become a mater of risk and reward (you as a man risk everything in those "LTRs", foids risk nothing), but that's another long story.

To sum up, degenerate "relationships", clown world (non-permanent) LTR with shit tier holes and hookers have non-positive added status. Clown world "LTRs" with a number of top tier holes, permanent LTRs with any foids have non-negative added status.

Now it is possible to fix the definition of incel in such a way that there are no ambiguities.
An incel is someone who cannot realistically establish a romantic relationship with non-negative added status for reasons beyond his control. It's worth noting that this definition makes low end betabuxxers and other "polyamory" incels, but does not mean they may be a part of the community since they basically refuse to acknowledge the incel issue and with their actions condone the clown world, making people's lives worse (see part 2).

Part 2. Added status of relationships and human rights.

This part is about the observable results of the transformation which relationships have undergone under so-called "w*men's rights". I will not provide any links because the target audience has posted it a lot of times and soy cucks would ignore the data anyway.

Before we start, let's make it crystal clear what "w*men's rights" are about. The usual story about this topic revolves around the "cock carousel" and exploitation of "beta buxers", but we will talk about it in a more general sense.

In a traditional civilised society each of the two (and only two) sexes has one (and only one) superstructure over it which is known as gender. Now of course there is a lot of differences between those and they are crucial for defining traditional permanent monogamous families as a social unit and a social system, but that's a part of a different story. The big story is that in terms of public life and social interactions outside families the gender for holes is mostly defined not through a list of acceptable actions, but through absence of acceptable actions. In these terms, in an uncucked society on a macro-level there indeed is only one gender (see Male guardianship system).

This way of life gives a lot of otherwise "cReEpY" males the opportunity to have status high enough to stand for their rights and feel the impulse to improve even more. Foids benefit as well because their hypergamy instinct is artificially met and they are guaranteed relative stability in terms of bringing up spawn.

When "w*men's rights" become a thing, the societal status gap begins to disappear (you are here) which, obviously, makes ot impossible for traditional social institutions to function since they never were engineered to work with such kind of input. They cannot work with a pair of two social "men", but pretending otherwise creates room for all sorts of degenerate propaganda (e.g. faggot "marriage").

The twisted input has so far led to mass smiting of babies, massive drug/antidepressant abuse, growing suіcіde rates and rising unhappiness (one can find studies on foids unhappiness, but also studies that men became happier, perhaps because inherently low status men don't have to carry the leader burden anymore).

Recently 1st world countries have apparently reached the next phase of this diabolic transformation which is basically a rollback of all kinds of civil rights (inb4 muh private tech companies, muh scary pandemino). It's worth noting that the people who have responded the most violently are Muslim "refugees" in Europe and niggas in the US. The reaction from the core nations of the "free world" has so far been a joke, the toughest part of it being bitching online-feminazis (which they always are regardless of what's happening). That's, of course, most men no longer have the emulation of high status which they used to have in a traditional family and foids are by default NPC conformists (just not to the extreme extent prescribed by the traditional gender roles). Ultimately, "w*men's rights" and their consequences are about to unironically become a disaster for the human race and end any kind of rights for all commoners.

Part 3. The implications of the previous parts.

The alternative incel definition which has been derived in Part 1 is obviously more geared to an incel rights movement rather than a community and therefore will never be adopted (because the community is pro-LDAR and a lot of people will disagree with the reasoning behind it).

Should incel rights be recognized as a category, they will, as I think I have shown, make a lot of societal issues more understandable and therefore potentially lead to insights into solutions. I do not do it and do not encourage anybody to do anything (maybe except making boomer-tier "repealthe19th" memes because they are fucking hilarious). It's just that I haven't seen anybody think about shit from this perspective and I am convinced that the common piggy bank of ideas should always grow, however bad they might seem (because the importance, value and impact of an idea usually cannot be evaluated within an average human's lifespan anyway). Incel movement may not be a part of today's agenda, but here is how you arrive to it through a thought process.

That's life.

TL;DR: bashing degenerates and shit tier foids does not in itself make you volcel because one can't be expected to harm themselves with junk contacts to "ascend from inceldom". "W*men's rights" are an oxymoron by definition of a "w*man" and lead to no rights for all normal people, a very dangerous centuries-long hoax.


EteRnal Evil.
Something for which there was no room in the post: in terms of added status, faggot stuff is the same as cooming so claiming the former to be "ascension" means that you should consider coomers the biggest Chads since they "get laid" up to 10+ times a day.