Old people


Niga cat
Did some of you got ever approached (mostly while working), by random old people like:

Old dude: "Are you married?"
me:*awkward laugh* "No, not really"
Old dude: "But you sure have a Gf ahaha"

No dude i do not have a gf, i'd like to understand what gives the impression of me being able to get what it takes to be with someone on the outside but not really being able to do it...
Maybe i'm just tripping, old people gives out stupid questions just for conversation.


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Old person once told me i'd make a very good husband for someone someday, that day has not come and probably will never come.


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Old bitch walks onto a crowded ass bus. She's standing in front of me for awhile so I get up and offer her my seat. She says "i dont want your seat nigga. The fuck wrong with you." Alot of people on the bus were laughing hard as hell. Mostly females i noticed. Alot of the guys had the "thats fucked up" face. I will never give my seat up again.


Destroyer of Soy
I get old creepy white guys getting all up in my face and asking weird questions and making dumb jokes. Old ladies almost never talk to me, unless it's to be rude.