Of women and humor.


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Women say they want a partner who has a sense of humor. Yet modern women (on average, as a group, not as individuals) make it their life purpose and goal to make life as unfun and serious as possible. They want to ban fun guns and only allowed 1 shot pistols. They want to ban all forms of humor that aren't politically correct. The only humor they want is watered down humor for 3 year olds. And they shame men for lusting for women, rejected 80% of males, and then complain that men are boring and sterile.

Look at television. Garbage shows like God Friended Me and boring shows like This is Us. (This is Us is actually watchable imo, the other isn't because I was expecting it to be comedy, it wasn't, it was reeking of boring marxism.) Nowadays, anyone who even says the word Hitler or Nazi is considered a Nazi. The three stooges, who were ACTUAL JEWS made episodess where they were Nazis. I bet if those episodes were aired nowadays, they would be called actual Nazis, despite being actual jews. (Tbh some of SS and generals was actual jews IRL.) It's like if I dress up as Hitler on Halloween, doesn't make me a Nazi. Maybe I am dressing up as the preholocaust Hitler that wanted animal rights and the pre-meth Hitler that wanted to send jews to Africa, instead of a holocaust. (Guess who told him to do Holocaust: Muslims.) I don't ever plan on doing meth therefore I believe the Holocaust is morally wrong. FYI Muslims are semites too, Michael Jackson hated jews therefore hitler and michael jackson were jew haters not anti-semites. FYI I don't hate all jews and neither did Michael Jackson. FYI Michael was murdered by jews because he was going to convert the world to Islam. Therefore Jews are frenemies since some of them are against Islam yet many jews are cucks who are pro-islam. FYI the crusaders were heroes not villains. Doesn't make me a Nazi since nazis fought to help muslims and crusaders didn't. I offered the world peace but they just want greed and war, like Jaina Proudmoore I hate resorting to violence, but humans will be primates and apes will be apes, monkeys do what monkeys do, chimps will be chimps. FYI many whites are evil and unworthy of oxygen, I'm not a racist tbhtbh, since I hate all races for unique reasons, except I don't really hate japanese people tbhtbh, except they need to fix the incel problem in japan tbhtbh, fyi although i even hate some japanese who kill the wrong type of fish in the ocean if you catch my drift, and by drift I don't mean Tokyo drift.
My little pony has more edgier memes than most shows on tv nowadays. Inb4 mlp is banned for being nazi.
Can't find the clip where michael jackson says allegedly, it was in Boondocks I think
Not canon therefore not nazi: www.youtube.com/watch?v=m98Ix5up_rY
Warning: video contains vaguely scary imagery.
Spoiler alert, truecels don't school shoot, they LDAR like realcels. Eliot rodger was fakecel. As lordoftheincels I do not approve of anti-heroes, but am I not allowed to at least watch parody clips or is this no longer America? As lordoftheincels I do not approve of school shootings, I approve of banning school altogether. School is the finest example of Jewry, not a Nazi because I love Michael G. Scott and do not hate all jews. Hate the jewry but not the jew.

All masculine males are either dead or in prison. The only males with masculinity left are on games like Counterstrike, focusing on masculine things like kd ratio. All of these males have funny, goofy, avatars, like 99%. Males, who have a feminine side, are inherently funny. Males with no feminine side are actually more docile and passive, because they don't have any aggressive feminine emotions. School shooters drink soy. Japanese kamakazis
spoiler: kamanazis
eat fried tofu. (Inb4 I am called a Nazi who promotes school shooting. I am not a Nazi. I do not tell people to go on school shooting as anti-heroes. I have said many times before that school shooting is bad, because it damages the incel cause.) Inb4 feminazis accuse kd ratio of being toxic and school shootery. Only a matter of time before the cucks ban kd ratio, then cucks will ban all competitive, ordered and balanced games. Fortnight fags don't appreciate the virtue of a team-game, with balanced map design and roughly even teams. Fortnight does not suck because of the cartoony graphics, it sucks because of the cartoony gameplay that lacks masculine coherence and order. It is a game for desert wanderers, it is not an ordered map in a fixed location.

Women have become feminized, to the point where they are no longer feminine. The estrogen, is sort of like a sensory field, the male penis is invasive, penetrative, any humor that is slightly offensive or taboo is viewed as an invasive entity according to the hyper vigilant sensory field. Anything masculine and the field goes into red alert, and is avoided.

Language is feminized to the point where society is actually no longer feminine. So-called female brains (allegedly) are better at language, but the estrogen is so high testosterone so low that they (in general, on average, as a group) are actually afraid to speak, or even say anything, lest someone be offended or if it is taboo. Society will be (is) feminized to the point where it is no longer feminine, words, language, will be banned, only thing allowed is mechanical language of work, but the males will not have any masculinity enough to understand the mechanical language.