Of Tyrones


Incels.Net Master
A tyrone, (no racist), once told me that 70% of women can't orgasm, and that incels should go gay.

First of all, I heard only 40% of women can't orgasm, and the reason women can't orgasm is because of the 80/20 rule, women are not sexually aroused to 80% of guys, they just date them for money/status, there is nothing wrong with their vagina, their vagina can't orgasm due to psychology not biology.

Tyrone's reflection on gays is reflective of his masculine mind, unable to value or appreciate the feminine. Tyrone's live in urban trash heaps, surrounded by concrete, no appreciation for mother nature, all they listen to is macho rap music and eat junk food all day. Tyrone is unable to realize, that Men tend to look like unevolved primate savages, and women look like evolved aliens. To not go gay is to appreciate feminine aesthetics, and feminine nurturing energy (N. Tesla), this is beyond Tyrone's masculine comprehension.

Not a racist because, not all blacks are tyrones, not all blacks like rap, some blacks appreciate feminine R&B music.