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I don’t feel anything anymore. No sadness, anger, envy, etc. Nothing. Nothing at all. Such a lack of emotion. Maybe it’s better this way. Guess I just finally came to terms with everything and accepted this is the way things are, simply being alone.

Talk about making the most of a shitty situation


EteRnal Evil.
Of course it is better like this. Now you can focus on MGTOWceldom or some other productive copes. Why bother if it's over no matter your will.


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I wouldnt say im emotionless.. But I am halfway numb, and able to distance myself from MOST emotions... However, yes, it is STILL possible to feel some pleasure, and moments of joy... You wont get the same feelings as you would from a relationship certainly, but you can learn to ENJOY the little pleasures in life, even on your own all the time... Maybe its a learned skill, but I believe its possible to learn even when you are young, especially if you have a wiser person who knows about this and can ADVISE you how to do it...