Not in the game.


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I realize incels cant win and not in the game.

I remember thinking about girls. One girl in particular. I did everything right. Had similar hobbies and interests. She was polite to me and I was polite to her. Yet the relationship fizzled out before it even began. None of us had an argument or drama. Just fizzled out for no apparent reason. When I talked about hobbies she told me she was interested in, she was always too busy. Or suddenly would lose interest in her own hobbies. I know now there is nothing wrong with my personality. I even sent fun and interesting texts, but it was no use. That the game is rigged and I'm not in it. As George Carlin said, "There is a big club...and you ain't in it."

It is rigged because of looks and nothing more. She literally had no idea what my income level was at all. Looks was the only thing she knew about me.


EteRnal Evil.
Ded srs. No money for your face. Even if you manage to achieve wealth and status when in your 30s or so, you'll still struggle from zero romantic experience and will also have aged by this point, not necessarily "like wine". And definitely no chance to get prime girls at this age. While Chad wins all the time.