No matter how much pain im in ill never rope


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I'm in alot of pain right now. My inceldom is at its worst, females hate me as evident from the messages ive recieved from a high tier becky. True forced lonelines has me in lots of pain but I wont give up. One day I'll be in my autistic paradise with isuzu rodeos and grassy hills. One day I'll be in a place where I can get withdrawal from this cruel society and where I can forget this worthless psychopath generation. I will never rope because I have hope that even though I'll never be loved by anyone I can find peace in this existence. I'm tired of suffering this miserable loneliness but I will never give up in life.


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Some good black pill there but you sure it wouldn't be better to take the red pill? That generally means you aren't interested in looking or finding anyone.


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Only reason I haven't rope is because no one will care and foids will be happy I'm gone. I hope I could stay true to my words till I'm a old man.