No hope


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Had a dream I was a rich high tier normie who a girl liked. And her mother was rich and approived of our relationship. Then she got naked for no reason and asked me to lick her pussy. And it was near a rich mansion and swimming pool. And it felt like I ascended.

Then I woke up, with neck pains. And smelling like fish taco even though I DID SHOWER a day ago. I only smelled this way because theres no air conditioning where I sleep. Then I go to bathroom my pee is orange due to lack of water. Then I look in mirror and see that I look like an Incel and dont even look as good as some of the other incels. And I feel the hate building and want to cry. Feels like I'm doomed and no hope. Then I read stats that 30% of males are incel. And I just feel like a victim of the titanic, like I am a meaningless male sperm who the world doesnt care about, like its war and I am just a soldier who noone cares about and there is no empathy or ethics in this world and noone cares how doomed males are, we are just sperm that arent sacred, washed about in the tides of an indifferent, uncaring world.

Then its like imagine the false hope of ascencion. Then a woman criticizes me for making posts about how some women suck at engineering. And its like, women oppress me and keep me down and I'm not even allowed to make jokes about the oppressive tyrants. Then i am on my knees and cry but the opreessive female has no empathy and demands me to get up and wagecuck as her slave while she fucks chad.