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I have never had sexual intercourse in my 21 years on being on this earth, 21 years of being a lonely virgin faggot has finally taken its toll. It was on relatively recently I found out that i'm an incel through and through, hence newfag.

I'm fat, ugly, poor, neet, degenerate, manlet, got mental problems, skin disease, bad breathe, bad teeth, and so on. I'm not good enough for stacy let alone any woman, I barely deserve to be on this earth, i'm a failure. I've accepted my fate, and am done with coping.

What really sealed the deal for me, is that all my life women have had power of me, mentally abused me, humiliated me, disrespected me, before I even became a degenerate, when I was a young boy, enough is enough.


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If you want your teeth fixed look for a university with a dental school. They do it for cheap. Also, if you have drug coverage, go to the doctor about your bad breath and they can prescribe you a mouthwash to deal with the bacterial infection in your mouth. If not the mouthwash is cheap but it is behind the pharmacy counter so talk to the pharmacist about it. Also, look for face washes with antibacterial properties. Use these once a day. Use spectrogel as well If you can afford it. It isn't too expensive. For areas that are red swollen and sore on your face, apply polysporin cream. That can help.


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I just joined this website because I am a incel but I am also mysogic I have always been from a young age I think I am a incel because am myosic but either way I am a incel I have come to find like minded people and share experiences and support