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Hi, it's only been recently that I've learnt about the term incel but I share quite a lot of views with what this term stands for. I've been single for 7 years and my last two GFS cheated on me with CHADs who I thought were my friends. I had a gf of 3 years who just, one day decided she didn't love me any more, then said she made a mistake and then broke up with again shortly after.

Safe to say I have trust issues. I've been friendly to a few females since, but I was friend zoned every time, not even soft friend zoned, hard friend zoned as in they've trusted me enough to see them nude and but in the same house as them. As soon as they found a bf stopped talking to me.

Meet another who lied to me and took my money. So yeah I'm quite angry as well after being used and thrown away multiple times.

What do you goes do to get this ѕhit off your chest, too feel less cheated and not hungry for revenge?