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Hey guys

Im here because women hate me. Like actually never talk to me and avoid me for no reason.

No matter how much effort I put into my appearance they dont care. they only go for guys who dress all the same.

Im new to the slang but I think instead of being redpilled I should go for black (whats the point in lying to myself anyway)

Help me out I need some friends


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Most women are boring normies, so they want you to talk about sports and weather. If you do not talk about sports, weather, and mundane things, you will be an outcast by women.


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Women hold the interest capital. If you're not interesting, move on. Its that, you're not interesting.

Also are you sure you're in the right place. You just seem like you have it hard approaching or talking to girls. If you're look wise normal then you just need to get used to people.
Be more social in school or interact more with people around you at work.


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What I've been saying is incels are in general more interesting than normies. Women on average are dullards, however there are some women who are not low T who go do fun things such as amusement parks and games. However the vast majority of First-world women have T so low that is it is lower than the recommended amount for women. Low T and no sex drive except for chad, even with chad all they do is lay in bed like a pillow princess and do nothing.