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Hey all, I've been lurking on here the past few days and decided to join. I am an incel that got into MGTOW around 2015 and still subscribe to a good portion of their ideas about female nature. As time went on, I've grown to accept more blackpill ideas due to lack of success with women. The only contention I have with the blackpill is the idea that not enough a high salary can get you a wife. Even if so, is it really worth it at that point? Just to get divorce raped, cucked and heartbroken?

I consider myself an average looking guy, but very socially challenged. I have struggled with depression for a good majority of my life, dealt with plenty of rejection, and have only had two real girlfriends during my youth. One was a childhood friend (3/10), the other was a 1/10 hook-up. Although I did have a whorefriend in 9th grade, wasn't really my girlfriend because all we did was have sex, but she was also sleeping with a bunch of other guys. I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you that sex alone isn't as satisfying as a real companion in life.

I tried to court at least one girl for every year I was in school. Every rejection I faced made the next approach harder, to the point where now in my adult life, I've given up for upwards of 12 months at a time, only to try again and face disillusionment. Right after high school I gained a lot of weight, and fell into a deeper depression. At some point I lost most of the weight, had a bit of Chad confidence in me, and ascended back to the supreme status of Orbiter. After trying that off/on for a few years, I just couldn't take it anymore. So here I am.

I have plenty more to share but I'll leave it at that for now. I hope to share some laughs and some sympathy while I'm here. Seem like a bunch of cool dudes to me. Cheers.