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So i'm new to incels, but i find that theres a lot of homophobia... as someone who identifies as non-binary i feel neither welcome in femcel communities nor in incels

why does there seem to be so much hate towards the lgbtq+?


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Have no idea.. Personally I could care less... I have NO doubt in my mind that there are Gay incels, as WELL as Bi, etc.. But I also have a theory that being incel is MAINLY about looks, however, there are a lot of "hidden" factors at work.. Maybe pheromones, maybe psychic vibes, or just some indefinable qualities that make someone an incel regardless of WHO the incel is sexually attracted to! But thats MY theory, many on here may disagree with me..


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Because there's a special enclosure for sick queer freaks who identify as incels and it's called incelistan. Other communities are for normal straight male subhumans.

All this shit can be interpreted as LARP because the blackpill says all females only want Chad and men would fuck anything, but preferably of the opposite gender of their own species. You can't possibly belong here.


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Femcel communities do not exist, and as for non-binary that depends on your sexuality. If men isn't your thing, then incel, but if men is your thing, you can't be incel because men will fuck anything that moves. Although there was a gay poster here one time said he was so ugly even men did not want him, so idk.