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Hello. So i am an older guy, early 40s. I thought I used to be a Chad, somewhat, but my problem was, I held women in high regard, therefore I suffered extreme mental and physical abuse. After finding another guy in bed with almost every woman I had a relationship with. I realized.. I've been living a lie. I am not sure of much of anything anymore, and I am new to this red/blue/black pill, and I need some guidance. I guess I can say what I feel, least what I think..

Society has created an incredibly toxic situation, as far as how relationships are, and women in general. A woman is not looked down upon for being unfaithful. In fact, perhaps the opposite, it was somehow the males fault. Maybe he did not give enough attention. maybe he did not perform sexually, etc. And society will accept this and say "You go girl"! If a man were to try this, he would be shamed out of existence, and probally threatened to have harm done to him.

My last "relationship" I was seeing a woman, who after a couple months, had another man sleeping in her bed. She claimed " He is just a friend. Like a brother" And, while I knew this was ridiculous, and I did not truly believe her, I simply accepted it. I could have said, friend or not, that's not happening. But I did not. The guy even said he would have sex in front of me with her if he wanted to. to which she defended him, saying he was just drunk. I gave her money. Probably paying for her and this guys drugs. Sleeping alone, masturbating at night, while she was in bed with him. I let this continue almost 3 months, before it finally ended. I wont speak on what exactly ended it. But my point is, I am not sure where I need to be. I have a dating profile, in which i have talked to some females, but every single one, has somehow or another rejected me. I have another profile in which I use fake photos, and lie constantly, and I have dozens of women almost begging to meet me. ( the fake me)

* I also wanted to mention, I dont know if it is necessarily just a physical appearance, that will determine a females attraction. I have seen very odd and not good looking guys with women often.
I would describe it more as an "aura" Just. Something that a woman can sense. And you either have it, or you don't.

I believe that society, the media, the government, and other factors are to blame for the disgusting and cruel treatment of good natured, and loving men out there by women. So, if anyone woulc like to add me, or reply here, id appreciate any support. thanks for giving me this space to express myself.
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