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I'm not really sure if there's a better place to put this, but I'll take it down if necessary. So my name's Mason, and I figured I'd try this place out since I don't really have anywhere else to fucking go. There's a bit of a problem I'm having currently that I wanted to possibly get some advice on. Any replies are appreciated.

So there's this girl who moved into the house next door about a few months ago, and I fucking hate her. Every time she crosses my mind, I want to beat her to a pulp. She's the basic plastic whore, always wearing low cut tank tops and tight jeans. She use to act nice every time I see her, and she's nice to everyone at my school, but I know that she's a stupid, fake slut. She's always smiling and walking around like she loves herself, spewing all that feminist self confidence bullshit about how women should love their bodies and who they are. What fucking femoid doesn't already love themselves, anyway?

We actually had a decent conversation once, but she acted like a little bitch and now she avoids me. Her fake, stuck up family invited mine over for a fourth of July celebration, where we ate dinner, watched fireworks, stuff like that. Everyone there kind of broke apart a bit, and we ended up sitting together, alone, on her front porch. Everything was going great at first. We were talking about actual good music, and she seemed like she wasn't like every other worthless bimbo slut on this planet. She was wearing a pair of denim shorts and she kept smiling at me, very clearly hinting that she wanted me to fuck her or something close to that. Being very foolish, I leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed me away. She started saying she was fucking gay, and that she was "sorry" if it seemed like she was into me. I understandably got pissed, raising my voice a little, and I called her a dyke and a slut. She had the nerve to call me a "self entitled asshole" as if she wasn't the one who led me on. I accused her of lying about being a lesbian, since she clearly looks and acts like a basic heterosexual slut, but she didn't say anything. After a while of me yelling at her, she started crying like a little bitch, went inside, and locked herself in her room. I sent her a bunch of angry texts about how much of a useless fucking whore she is when I got home, but I think she blocked me and she's not spoken a word to me since.

I see her almost every day in school, and she's always so fucking stupidly happy, making new friends and having a fucking ball. I've heard she even has a "girlfriend" now, probably some bitch she paid as a scapegoat. I want to slit her throat, and I know I can't do that, but I want to find some other way to get back at her, and show her how pathetic and fake she is. Do you guys have any ideas on how to get revenge without getting myself into any trouble? I'm open to any and all suggestions as long as it won't affect me negatively.


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Difference between us and the other incel forums is that other incel forums don't really give a shit about incels, we do. So we don't endorse threads about homicide. Since you're new I won't punish you for exhibiting your anger, but in general this forum is trying to show the world that most incels aren't mass murderers.

It does seem like a double standard these days, females are allowed to talk openly about killing people as a figure of speech, but incels are not allowed to vent. Maybe not a double standard though, because when males vent, shit tends to actually get real, when a female vents, the odds are a lot lower of shtf.

As for that girl, it is my personal opinion (and the opinion of some science labs) that most women are either asexual or lesbians: PUAs will tell you never go for the kiss, always turn her on first before the kiss or it won't work.
unless gigachad, which is autowin easy mode


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As for revenge, unless you are a popular narcissist like she is, you won't be able to. Getting revenge on a narcissist will always backfire anyway, if you murder her there is a good chance you will be caught, and if you do some kind of social revenge chances are she will hit back harder.

Best revenge is just to fap to porn, fapping to porn will help you become numb to her sexual identity and no longer infatuated with the bitch. There are others to fap to, others with godly asses, she is not the sole proprietor of hot sexy asses. And I am not a Muslim but, the Quran says, women are like grapes, there are many more to be found in the garden, don't focus on the bad ones, masturbate to women worthy of masturbation, not standoffish cunts. Remember, your seed is a blessing, not a curse.