Never give up


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Was watching a YouTube video where the question was asked why don't former incels speak up and give hope to incels that it does get better. And I wanna share my story.
I didn't lose my virginity until I was 21. While I never did consider myself an incel I was getting a little desperate, everyone I knew from school had lost their virginity and I was left with the very real porespecf of being the last virgin from my year at school. I'm between athletic and average build, blue eye and just under 5ft so I never considered myself ugly which made it worse as I didn't know what more I could do to enhance myself. Ive never had a girlfriend with the biggest factor their being the fear of rejection outweighed the hope of acceptance which crippled me with girls. I was really embarrassed about it and even had a fake story about losing my virginity when I was 18 and with every year I thought it was gonna get harder and harder to lose mt virginity to the point my best friend was considering buying me a prostitue. I had kissed and gone on dates with girls before but they always instigated it, I could never ask a girl out or make a move, the real turning point was when I was 20 and finally asked out a girl I went to university with, she was already in a relationship and said no but that rejection was the best thing that happened to me, we never brought I think up again and just got on where we left off as friends, I realise rejection was only temporary and part of life. Fast forward to being 21, I had lost my virginity but It felt underwhelming, the girl invited me to hers, kissed me first and while I was no longer a virgin I had the same problem. A couple weeks later and decided to basically just used to tinder to ask everyone girl if they "wanted to hang out" which eventually worked, a girl came over to mine, I instigated the kiss and then the sex, the first time I succesfuly pulled a girl and slept with her, while I had already lost my virginity this was the first time I truly felt like a man as I made the effort and it pulled off, I'm not prolific, I've only had sex two more times but I don't need to be, I don't crave it and although I've still not had a girlfriend, it's now more due to circumstance, rather than fear. To any incels who feel it's never gonna happen, never give up, just keeping going and eventually it's gonna fall into place, grow your confidence talking to girls and don't be afraid to take the hard hits, because it's only temporary, trust me it gets better.


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It’s true. My best friend didn’t loose his virginity until he was 33. He’d never even kissed a girl until then. One of his old friends, a woman, came out of the blue expressing interest. She knew he was a Virgin and didn’t care. Good things can happen but you can’t let your self loathing turn into hatred.


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Vcelguy the attitude you have towards men who get laid and women will only lead you be an uncle forever. He’s giving good advice, you can’t give up I personally don’t know you but unless your ugly as pig shit then you still have a chance. I used to be an incel I’m over weight and I would consider myself unattractive I didn’t know how to talk to girls at all. but after actually befriending girls for friendship and asking their advice I was able to change my perosnaliry now I’m nice funny and genuine. I don’t expect sex from women and I treat them with the same amount of respect I would my sister or mother. I still get friend zoned form time to time but rn I’m in a relationship with a girl who’s way out of my league becoause I treat he nicely and because I present myself well


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Was 23 when I lost my virginity to my gf of 7 years. (The hormones were killing me.)
We got pregnant but our baby left us... it was just 1 month and 10 days...

this post gave me hope. Everything gets better.