neet doesnt rope


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its been a long time (´• ω •`) i wanted to tell everyone what hapened....but i dont have anybody to tell it about.... .
a long time ago i posted about being a NEET. everyday was torure then. but everyone on the thread was nicer to me than anybody in real life, except for my mom.... i still dont talk to people but thats because i dont talk....haha..... 人(_ _*)
i got kicked out of my room because chad kep t eating my food. everybody shared a friedge there and he kept eating my food like a fucking asshole even though i had barely any money. one day, i told him to stop iit. i got so nervous i puked on him so i got kicked out. he can do, that because his mom owns the place but they wanted me out anyways because i tried weed. i smelled worse than before haha....
i sold a lot of stuff because i decided i was going to kill myself i didnt want to talk to my mom because i dont deserve it why was i born? but i still didnt because i was scared OTL
i got a job being a janitor during night because the pastor knows my mom. i started sleeping in my car during the day and only going out at night to do work and eat at burger king. somehow i lost weight haha. i gto another jan,itor job at a school so now i make money.... i bought mself a cheap laptop o(〃^▽^〃)o
i dont see people ever.....its lonely i fucking hate it....but now i dont h ave to be scared of people anymor....
i watch a lot of nico nico videos and i bought retarded i dont have enough money for a house but i buy manga..... im a japfag.... .
but im better than i was..... it still take meds for depression but im not dead,....
im reading oyasumi punpun and its really good. the main guy is just like us,,,, funny that incels are the only people that would care abotu me. (´• ω •`)
i drew punpun because ime drawing more but its really shitty but i dont care anymore
please ask me questions or i will draw punpun....i only have my trackpad so..
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I think I will re-read pun pun

Well shame see life not going well for you boyo, I hope you feel comfy here


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Bro, can you sum this up?
i got kickd from my old oplace because chad, tried to rope, in my car and wokr as a night janitor.....but its not so bad haha. i think i found a place i can live. i got my paycheck today (´• ω •`) i dont feel good but i dont want to die..


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Live for the LITTLE pleasures, NOTHING ELSE! Whatever you can SQUEEZE outta this world... Death comes quite SOON enough, no need to hurry


I still NEET I dont see anything wrong or bad about it a paycheck isnt gonna solve my problems


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Living is by itself a cope from death. Not all of us can be happy by going the traditional life path of successful career and family. I myself don't see the point of wage slaving other than to buy hobbies and survive in style.