nazi vaginodictatorship


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The way women are selecting, the same Nazism in essence. Nazi selection methods

Those who have not had sex for 30-40 years, every day in the incel concentration camp

This is too unfair and cruel, the way girls divide men into milking and not worthy to reproduce

I feel like a Jew during WW2


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Well...the Nazis named the aryan people (blond, blue eyed) as more beautiful and superior to everyone around them, which basically transformed Nazi Germany into a two caste society: the beautiful blonds (Aryans), and the non-Aryans (incels). They literally legislated chads to the top.

And this same bullshit is happening here in the west now...where identity politics, political correctness and feminazism is essentially forcing out the hardworking incels and replacing them with lazy stupid chads and stacies.