My view on todays women belief of entitlement to Chad only and the downfall of the dating world

I would like to share my opinion on the cause of this endless hell carousel of the doomed dating world we are in.

I believe the problem with the todays age is that femoids ego is super inflated to the point that they will refuse to take a sub6 male these days, even below average janes and landwhales. The reason for this is the overly large quantity of simps and orbiters in our world aswell as the internet, who are mostly average to below average men who never received any attention from the opposite gender, thus resorting to transforming into a niceguy who puts every female he sees on top of his pedestal, worshipping her and selling himself as a slave with no self respect, believing in the illusion that the method of nice guy'ing will give him any sort of attention from females, which sadly is the complete opposite which they do not realize. You will find Simps and Orbiters, in both real life and on the internet and they are biiig in amount. Their natural inhabitance is mostly all of social media of girls youtube accounts of girls and in online video games. They make up a large potion of the world.

As such, this sort of attention and worshipping of even the lowest beached landwhales next to plain janes, leads to them believing that they are the super hot ѕhit out there, as the path goes like this: Since everyone is chasing and worshipping me = I must be hot and worthy = So i'm capable of reaching out to Chads and I can be picky since i'm the Queen of humanity.

And from there, gentleman, when the individual reaches out to the hot Chad and gets pump n' dumped by him, because Chad has the options to fuck and romance Stacies in his own league so he basically gives zero ѕhit about the others, the usual loop of "I can't find a good man and all men are assholes" begins from there and will continue to roll till the end of the world, while in the end the simps and orbiters will still get nothing, because Foids believe men are trash and wont bother going lower anymore, why should they? They are chased. This also brings up the point that since every simp chases them, they think ew men are going for my pusѕy only just like Chad did, and will completely stop giving any attention to them, and just continue coping by trying with more Chads in hope she can find "good guys".

You have to blame beta men for the result of some our inceldom too, not only femoids. Men need to learn to say NO to girls, to stop giving them the supply of ego, but that will never happen.

This is, why also young men start to chase seniors because they are uncapable of attracting women their own age, as in late teens to mid 20s. 60 year old Jane will still get more action than you'll ever have, and that's proven by a blackpill video experiment some guy did which got taken down by YoPooJewtube.

The only way to get any sort of juice of a western woman these days is to betabux her, after she finished riding her chad carousel till the mid 20s and her looks aswell as financial status starts to decline, so not being worthy for Chad anymore. Even though, that's the bare bottom anyways since she will give you very little to nothing in return as in love or affection. The only possible way I see is just going to eastern europe or even a third world country to pick up a woman from, but for truecels that might just fail absolutely.

This whole scene is a major issue which society doesn't want to face, but we will forever live in a blackpilled world covered by bluepilled delusions and lies. Things would have been more sane and easier back in time starting at the 20th century to ancient times, where chivalry and loyalty was still a thing, but now it's been killed off. Women didn't had that many options back then and couldn't cherry pick a guy they wanted, there was no social media to degenerate everyone's minds, when feminism wasn't a thing. Women were once normal human beings, but not today anymore, where you can get filed for eye rаpe if you look at a dyed tattoed whale for a blank second.

If this will continue then it will be completely over in the future for even high tier normies or even Chadlites.

As in the end, both genders are to blame. If this wouldn't been the case, I believe atleast the half of us could have been given a chance to land with good girl