My thoughts on the movie Interstellar.


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Every normie review I've read for Interstellar focuses on the scientific side of the movie, but I think that's the least important aspect. The highlight of the story is not the physics used to travel to other planets but the people involved in the drama. They live in a world where the Earth is slowly dying, and in a few generations, it will no longer be able to support life on it. Despite their daily struggles, they're not living in a clown world. The world is physically dying, but the society which lives in it is still functional and strong. Throughout the movie, you see that people are still getting married and forming families. The family unit is healthy and stable even though things are getting bleaker by the day and they risk complete starvation due to the failing crops. That's a very insightful message coming from Hollywood. Clown world with its complete entourage -- such as feminism and homosexuality -- only kicks in when people have too much. There's no place for left-wing idiocracy in a society where people have to work hard to put food on the table. In adversity, we get stronger; that's one of the main points of the movie.
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Would give you a like for that sharp conclusion but i cant.