My (THE) worst cope ever!!!


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Tbh, I'm high as hell right now. It's been a while, and I'm actually feeling kinda good for a change. I'm high enough to risk killing any credibility I may have had on this site and risk getting banned over posting this story. :lol:

Earlier I was thinking back to my highschool days right. I remembered this story and thought this community could at least maybe get a pity chuckle out of it in the sense that you'd think "damn, at least I've never coped that badly" :D

Anyway, I used to toke up with my dealer at lunchtime, and I was back in class still lifted. I was thinking about if it would count as losing my virginity if I scored with another species? Then I thought what other species would I like to score with? I narrowed it down to one animal, and I spoke aloud right in the middle of class, not caring who heard, "man, I really wanna fuck me a goat" :cool:

Nobody heard cuz everybody was talking, except this hillbilly farmer's son who sat next to me (I live in the south, so there's plenty of farmers and farmer's kids around) He said "I've got some goats" and we straight up started negotiating this shit right there in the middle of class. :lol: We agreed on a price of $20 for an hour alone in his family goat barn.

We worked all the details out. A sunny day both his parents wouldn't be home, a day he could borrow their spare car to drive himself to school, he'd pick me up in the parking lot, we'd go back to his place, and he'd chill inside the house and try to sound out the screams of poor virgin goats :p

It didn't go as planned, he couldn't get the car, it rained that day, and later on his dad snooped in his phone and found messages of the goat conversation we continued not at all discreetly via text. He got in a load of trouble and I never got to score, not even with a fucking goat. :oops:

That's the story, hopefully you all can take some solace in that you've never stooped that low.
I would've done it too. I was all set and ready. I didn't bring anything in my bag that day except for a change of clothes for after I would've got down and dirty, and a camera I was going to film the act with.

Also, yes they were female goats. I wasn't about to go THAT low!


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Don't feel bad about goats. Women openly fuck dogs and they admit proudly that they'd rather fuck dogs than incels. Dogpill.


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I've got a wicked hangover and I already regret posing this. Well I dug myself into this hole so I guess I'll elaborate.
In my "enlightened" state of mind, I reasoned that a goat would be the best animal to go with because of their personalities. Look up videos of goats on YT, and observe their behaviors. They're not hyper aggressive little shits looking to ram into you all the time, that's sheep, and they don't eat tin cans and shit, that's a myth. A good goat has the quirky playful personality of a good cat, and the loyalty of a good dog. Qualities I would long for in a woman, but I can only dream.