My sister is a Stacy, I am an incel


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Hell all, I’ve decided to finally create an account after many months of reading the forums. Time to break my silence I suppose.

Has anyone ever had this kind of situation? Siblings who have it much better??

I’m 26 and as my username suggests a compete loser who will never be able to attain a woman, every attempt I’ve had has resulted in her humiliating me.

It pisses me off because I have a younger sister who is 22, my own blood! yet she is actually attractive and has on numerous occasions brought Chads over to my house and to my rage I could hear them having sex in the next room.

It makes me feel worthless because my sister has brought over at least 4 of these guys over the course of a few years now and while my sister doesn’t necessarily tease me about it she definitely knows I’ve never had sexual or even so much as held a girls hand before.

In the summer time she wears these short shorts and provocative outfits for her chad that I fking hate, almost like she’s taunting me with what I’ll never have.


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Maybe do the Luke and Leia thing? If that's too weird, see if you can find other incels in your area, and somehow do a trade deal with them, like a double date, convince your sister to date them and make up some things to inflate how amazing they are, and tell them to do the same for you.