My inaugration speech for the incels.


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As the new lord of the incels I had a rough day. Today I was unfairly prohibited from registering an account at .me. On this same day, I was also unfairly rejected by a girl.

Everywhere around us the world is falling apart. But we don't have to contribute to this decay. I see a New Order for the Incel Movement. A way to gain social traction. We can change this planet and make it a better place.

As much as I would like for all of you to directly follow all of my orders, I know that most of you have already been through enough emasculation. So rather than to obey blindly, I ask for you take my suggestions as a simply calm prudence, in order to further the movement and ourselves.

1. Please reduce the amount of blatant violence. This is not an argument of moralism. It is simply, society will not take us seriously if we talk about violence too much. We have all had violent urges, and hurt emotions. But it is to be strong not to reveal one's weaknesses. In debates, the first one to become emotional and violent, often loses credibility. Second, a beggar which often threatens violence on a passerby, very rarely receives a cent. As incel, we must evolve beyond the knee-jerk, emotional reactions of an amoeba reacting to a threat. We must become more tactical. In Batman, Return of the Joker, when Joker has his feelings hurt by a brute, does he display an immediate emotional reaction? Or does he hide his emotions, and adopt a genteel appearance of civility. If we are to get help from the mainstream, then quite simply, threatening to kill the mainstream is completely nonsensical. If someone constantly threatened to kill you, why would you want to help them?

2. When discussing women, do not do it in an emotionally fueled manner. All of us have been unfairly treated and broken hearted by women. But at some point, you should learn to control your emotions. Constantly being affected by their abuse is a sign of weakness. Secondarily, mainstream society has no tolerance for hateful diatribe. For example, the typical incel will say "I hate women, because they are unfair narcissistic tyrants, blah blah blah." If women are indeed narcissistic tyrants, they are not going to enjoy being exposed as such and listening to what you have to say. On the other hand, if you make the argument more about your struggle, ie: "My whole life I have been alone, noone has given me romantic attention, and my sexual frustration makes me feel anxious and toxic. When I talk about it, people bully me and call me a loser. Other times, people patronize me and just tell me to be positive, and get hobbies, but when I try to be positive and get hobbies, women never seem to have compassion on me." This comes off a lot less aggressive and assaulting, and elicits feelings more in the tune of sympathy, instead of eliciting feelings of offense and counter-attack.

3. If you were at a TED talk, what would you say? Would you say women are cancer, that they don't deserve to breathe oxygen, at the end of the stage dropping the mic and ending your speech with a salute? No, that would be ridiculous, and you would be a laughing stock. What would be more effective is doing the things I listed in #2. Being polite, calm, focusing on your own struggles rather than taking the fight to others.

4. The prostіtution and sex change tactics. This tactic should be repeated over and over in key sectors. You say something along these lines: "At least legalize prostіtution! Why is it that America is such a backwards nation compared to Europe? And if you cannot legalize prostіtution, at least give us free sex-changes to alleviate us of the torture of being male. " Which will provoke a counter-response. If they say, "Sex-changes are expensive, how dare you expect to cater to freeloaders!" Then you say "All I ask is for prostіtution! We will pay you! prostіtution will help the economy and reduce STDs!" And if they say the opposite, that "prostіtution is evil misogyny of the patriarchy" then say "If prostіtution is evil, then surely you cannot deny us our sex-change, so that we can become female and escape from our male patriarchy!" Either way, they cannot reach a moral high-ground, and you always come to the moral high-ground, while simultaneously drawing attention to the unbearable suffering males have to go through.

5. Stop trying to legalize rape. I know you have been traumatized. But at some point you need to recover and start thinking clearly, instead of going mad. Do you honestly believe that rape will ever be legalized by society? And that every time you say things like that, it makes us all look ridiculous.

6. suіcіde threads work. As long as you don't have personal info, noone can report you to the mental health authorities. Threads describing past suicidal ideations invoke a lot of symapthy and emotion, and are effective ways to get the mainstream support.

7. Activism. Simply going out, spreading signs, making lobbies, is a way to spread awareness of incel without incurring the wrath of all the dead people you were going to murder. And it makes you look like the hero (and I daresay, sane) instead of the bad guy.


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Nostalgicel said:
Do you have an opinion about "love dolls" ? I might get a decent one.
My opinion is that it is no replacement for real human contact or intimacy. Personally I never got much aroused by any, but I don't believe in enforcing unnecessary restrictions upon my men, so my countrymen ought to have a fair amount of choice in their choice of personal recreation.


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Tbh I never understood why people LARP on the internet and make such "action plans" like the OP does. I guess it is a form of fantasy immersion / coping / ego tripping


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Mr.Hendrix said:
He was posting here just a couple of days ago, no?
No. Some months ago, he did a temper tantrum because he was not a moderator of the forum anymore and he left the forum. By the way, the claimed to be a redpill, but because of many of his feminiѕts ideas, i think he was actually a bluepill
I kind of suspected he was as such, due to his pfp indicating a femdom like fetish