my final post (tribute to all my bros)


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Not a lot of user like the other forums but I preferred the sign up process on this one because countless times I tried signing up on other forums and was never accepted into them. Wasn’t even told if I was rejected due to the “my story” section, just never got an email.


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honestly what the fuck is with the moderation here?
trolls can go on for days, even weeks without facing punishment
while established and trusted members get booted almost every-day for dumb ѕhit like spam?

the admin never listens to us, @StoicNihilist has offered many ideas and offers to help this forum, all for free and even was even willing to pay to help it out, but all of it was a failure

i stuck through this forum through thick and thin,
when the fаggot sasaki was reigning supreme,
when trolls came in every waking second,
when almost everyone left the forum,
even now in it's most inactive state, i still held my hopes and stuck with it

but i simply cannot support this forum anymore
it's now apparent that the admin doesn't give a ѕhit about this place and it's community, just wanting to make a quick buck through it
it's almost as if he wants the forum to die at this point

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and a tribute to all the bros who've left and fallen
@Oogabooga @Reformedcel @FatCel @Maskedman @thechemist @Ricepill @Hidden @TheRiddler @Spice @Hidden
Ill miss em. Hopefully they find salvation elsewhere


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Lordgoro said:
im the MEANTIME, what a DEAD board this is BECOMING!!! Crazy!!
I guess ill have to put some effort in but im too depressed for HIGH IQ posts. HI IQ is one part intelligence and one part inspiration. Ive been missing it for awhile now.
I understand trust me... I wish I could HOLD this board up myself, but I cannot... I have a story,UNLIKE any INCEL, or normie can even comprehend, and yet, it still goes slowly... I cannot hold this board up myself, no matter how UNIQUE my story is...


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Kinda annoyed OP didnt give me a mention. Ah well. Life (if we can call it that. More of a pitiful existence really) goes on.
RIP Hidden. Too based for this world. The truest of the cels. Lest we forget.


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I never had this type of overreaction even when I got banned suddenly on .co after 1 year + of posting. The moderation here is pretty relaxed compared to other places. I don't know how you can get permabanned here. You have to try really hard.


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Dont think Lord Goro was trying to get banned really. And now il never know what happened at the end of his book :(