My final blackpill thread (warning, very long)


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Kolibri said:
Amiya said:
"teeehee i'm soooooooooooo sorry i'm literally shaking now by reading your story "sobs" how is possible that this people only care about looks? I know that my bf is a 6'0 blue eyes Chad, but that was just a coincidence teeehee he has an AmAzInG personality teehee but anyway, how i this possible? You are the greatest person i know in my entire life and i will totally date you ( not really) i hope you can find someone that likes you for who you are teehee, people are sooooo superficial and trash and i totally feel you teeeeheee"

Jesus motherfucking Christ. Everyone who believes and responds this type of comments should be execute in sight (in CoD: Modern Warfare).

This bitches are obviously VIRTUE SIGNALING harder than my grandma did in her entire life. They say this while probably dating or getting wet by good looking guys. And they come here, to say all that sobbing trash with the hopes of gaining sympathy points and orbiters, and make themselfs feel good with the type of person they are, which is, trash.

If you are a really intelligent guy, never believe in their words. If you are a pusѕy worshipper... Bad news for you.
I don't believe a single word they say, because it's all about actions. And the action they take, is to fuck Chad.
you responded, so I guess ill be waiting for your execution (COD). I don’t even know what virtue signaling is. Let me crawl back into my trash can.
Wtf do you mean by that?


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I'm totally with you, Kolibri. I've realized this some time not too much long ago; looks matter, I don't know what's with society that doesn't let them speak it out. I'm sick of pretty girls saying that it's all about your personality.. BULLSHIT. They'd rather fuck an illiterate handsome moron than a polite not so handsome guy.
And, you know what I find incredible? The blindness of normies, they don't realize incel's reality, they have no empathy. It got to the point of at one situation one dude telling me it's boring and pointless arguing with me, even after I explained my reality to him. And I'm the one who's boring talking to? I'll tell you what, we live in a kingdom of hypocrisy.
By the way, good luck with life.