my chad friend


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I call him chad even though I have no idea what this word means
Anyway he is 54 ish, very tall 6'4" ish, very fit, very good looking, funny, fairly smart, money in the bank, house owner and an incredible complainer.
He goes on incessantly about how he can't get a woman, how employers, car salesmen, the government. etc cheat him and just generally how unfair life is to him.

I tell him straight up
the only reason that he doesn't have a woman is because he is looking for a drop dead gorgeous, 50 year old virgin, that no other man is interested in
he said
do you know one?
then he said
I don't think one exists
naturally I laughed

my complaints:
he gets laid whenever some stalker woman is up to his standards (btw he is never rude to women until after he has sex with them and they try to move in)

whenever I go anywhere with him all the women smile at him and nearly drool.
naturally, I smile back whenever a female smiles in my direction but, here's the thing, they stop smiling, avert there eyes and walk on by
(amazingly rude and hurtfull)
my friend is completely oblivious and says
no, that never happens

but here is the thing

he seems to be completely blind to any woman who is overweight, dressed poorly, too old, etc. etc. infinitely

On Monday, (if it doesn't snow) I am going to drive 7 hours each way to go to a dance because a woman who dumped me 20 years ago sent me a xmas card.
I am not taking my fucking friend!
I am going to the dance, I don't know if the bitch will go too (too much to presume that she would go WITH me), but I'm going.


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HollowLifeJR said:
I never could understand why a guy would want to keep pitching. I would naturally fancy one of them along they way and say "I want her."
Perhaps, he's too fastidious for those females' looks and demeanour to compensate for how gross they are.


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I'd imagine your chad buddy isn't looking for more than sex. Sex with several different partners is fun mate. If you were him, you would do the same. Try to not care that much about what others think of you, if you need help, get help. Good luck. Looks don't fucking matter. I'm ugly as fuck and I got laid a few times, landwhales of course, but laid none the less. I didn't love them so it was not that great. I now know my main issue is that I don't love others. If I was him, I'd do the same, sex is still fun. I digress.

Good luck with your femoid bud. Let us know if you get to talk with her and how it goes?