Most suifuelish music is pop-punk

Napoleon deGeso

Reminds of my teen years I didn't had. When other teen were spending time with friends and girls, I was alone and doing hatever what, so wasted time, and damaged mentality, with no recovery from it for man who's not cuck, but understands that while teen love in teen years is not perfect, but still closest to purity from what this world has to offer


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Music wasn't heavy enough, but I remember the scene.
Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, SUM*41, New Found Glory, Andrew WK.........My Chemical Romance, Green Day if you stuck around.

The punk pop fangirls weren't quite Stacies nor Beckys. They were always chasing bleach blonde, mop headed, cargo short, skater t-shirt wearing Chadlites, who literally had a harem of competing girls.

Kind of cringe mallrat culture though. They watched Tobey Maguire's over-rated Spiderman. They also liked Avril Lavigne- even though she was your average cute-little-fang tooth blue eyed brunette. I used to have a (disinterested in me) co-worker who was actually cuter, hotter than her too.

If anything I wanted to bang a female jailbait Slipknot fan in her pvc pants, satin corset and g-string.
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