More Proof that Femcels are full of shit


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So in case you aren't aware there are a few femcel forums that i frequent on reddit, I usually lurk and read some of the stuff, a few of them are: r/trufemcels, r/theglowup, r/femaledatingstrategey, and r/pinkpillfeminism. Ignoring the hypocripsy of r/incel being taken down but apparently it's ok for all these threads to remain open. today I met this femcel on tumblrand I talked to her on and off for months. She eventually showed photos of what she looked like and she was beautiful, a complete 6/10, girl next door type, however she complained that even balding and ugly men turned her down, and that nobody wanted her. So I offered to meet up with her and get to know her and I told her she was beautiful, and what did she do? She treated me like I was some disgusting freak and rejected me. After complaining that no men wanted her, she finally found a man who thought she was beautiful and she rejected me, without even knowing my appearance yet. This just goes to show that she is completely full of shit. Women chase Chad and only view chad as the available option. I make decent money at the moment and I plan to make more once I graduate from college yet still, despite being in dept, she saw me as a lesser man and refused to even get to know me.

And you constantly see countless stories like mine, these women who call themselves femcels will have men trying to beta orbit or get to know them and they outright refuse and then go back to complaining about how men don't want them. Getting laid and relationships for women is easy, for men it's a chore and some men are completely cut off.


98% of them are volcel. It's a close estimate despite me throwing the number out of my ass. They'd rather die than fuck someone ugly or even get in a relationship with them.


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Fucking hell, there’s not even enough IQ points in the collective incelosphere to do the mental gymnastics that some of these foids and bluepillers put themselves through.


Femcels are a myth, they are actually volcels: they are only virgins because they only want the chads.


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They don't exist. They only want Chads, and if Chads rejected them, then they call themselfs "femcels" because they think is the new cool thing to do. But don't make a mistake, they will never let to fuck them men that aren't Chads.