Mogged by everyone including whales


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Whenever I go outside I know it’s not gonna be a good experience

I get rudely ignored avoided by the majority of females, I’ve come to the conclusion the few that treat me like a human can genuinely look past my repulsive face to,an extent, as in I’m actually a human being, or they see it as a their good deed for the day.

So I was in the McDonald’s the other day, being served by 2 out of 10 overweight, ugly face with, drawn on eyebrows, as soon as she initially clocked my face she didn’t give me any eye contact after, went out of her way to not look at me.

It really pissed me off, she obviously didn’t know who she was
I think she is surrounded by enough normies that she think she is to, the reason she hasn’t had a bf (obviously I don’t know for sure but unlikely) is just because she hasn’t met the right guy yet etc.
Ok this girl was young, I’d guess around 18-20 but I’ve seen this for women in their 30s etc - I’m old btw
I find it so hard to take being insulted by a femiod that should realise, if she had a brain what she is and men like me are really her only chance but the normies in her life delude her into thinking she is something she is not

Btw Ok and I understand juggernaut law but not sure im completely convinced as no mid tier male would date a 2 out 10 female, when with a bit of effort they could date their looks match,or just below
- It’s a numbers game imho and there’s an equal number of males and females


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