Modern terms and their meanings


Mexican Incel
Modern terms and their meanings:

Feminism: a misandrist movement, who uses violence to spread their message and that claims to want "equality between women and men", but it actually only wants privileges for the femoids.

Mangina: a "man" who hates himself and other men. He gives femoids free food, free money and free protection and the femoids pay him the favor sending him to the friendzone.


Chads: the handsome men and rich men. They are the only ones who can get all the femoids they want by simply asking them for a date(meanwhile us the incels are rejected even by the plump ones and the anorexic ones)...


LGBT: a group that claims to be "opressed", yet they are already more privileged by the laws than the heterosexuals and millions of dollars are wasted by the government and the companys every year in most countries of the world to spread their agenda. By the way, many of their members have been corrupt politicians, or serial killers or thieves, but as expected, they never mention that becasue that does not favor their agenda...


MGTOW: men who claim to avoid femoids, yet they are always talking about them(in other words: hypocrites)...


Black lives matter: a racist group who claims to hate the white the race and the white culture, yet instead of going back to Africa, what they do instead is to make riots and vandalism in white countries...

(((Jews))): the ones who control the USA and Europe media, the USA and Europe bank reserves and the USA and Europe army...yet they still claim to be "opressed"...

Patriarchy: something that disappeared many decades ago, yet the feminists still claim that it exists only to get more privileges...

Hypergamy: something that is very real, but femoids deny it(thats why we the incels are still virgins)...

Incels: us, wich we are the most opressed group in the society...

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Mexican Incel
More modern terms:

Diversity agenda: White race replacement agenda


Multiculturalism: the same one as diversity agenda.

Gender dysphoria: something that is seen by the people with common sense as a mental disease , but is seen by most part of the society as something of "pride". Wonder if 20 years in the future the bipolar disorder and the schizophrenia will be seen as something of "pride" too by the society(i mean, if the society every year gets worse and worse, i would not be surprised if that happens in the future).

Incel discrimination: a type of discrimination that the society apply against us the ugly men/poor men. Its one of the few types of discrimination that the society does not complain about(wich makes us the ugly men/poor men the most opressed humans in the society).

Height discrimination: another type of discrimination that us the short height men suffer, but the fucking the society never complains about.

The black pill: The truth.

Simp: the same one as the mangina.