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If you're asking about possible impact on incels, it's not rocket science.

Losing women on the battlefields will make remaining ones further unavailable. I don't know if women in the military actually fight, but even being support staff seems risky. To be honest, I don't think military casualties among women can significantly shift the balance of the modern sexual market. It will remain just as rigged in favour of females as it is now.

Some incels point out that drafts of the past, including only men and leading to war casualties among men only, reduced the number of incels back in time. I don't think it's reasonable, because big drafts in history were introduced in times of big wars. I just can't come up with any example of a big war to have taken place after enforced monogamy began to massively give its positions up around the world. When it was a thing, Chad draft evader or war veteran might have benefited from the relative surplus of women, but I doubt sub-Chad got more. Could be true that beta normies would need less effort to be considered eligible for providing for a woman. Ugly incels are never an option for women.

It seems that now the percentage of incels is rising. Stats report that more and more women and men stay single until their 30+, but for the former it's riding the carousel and for the latter, Chad aside, it's inceldom, recognized or not. Many of modern incels aren't even hideously ugly or deformed, they're just not good looking enough for women to crave. It doesn't help that "independent" women no longer need to settle for just any man (implying non-repulsive one lookswise), so they all choose Chad and cope by dating random normies when he isn't available.

The impact of a draft might have been noticeable, but it's still doubtful because women never ever willingly settle for less than what they used to have. Thus, an incel wouldn't really be able to "ascend" because of someone else's death. He can become a cuck provider for a used up landwhale after her divorce, there's no need for bloodshed.
In short, I think it can't affect us anyhow except if we're drafted


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Im a bit on the fence and unsure. Deep down I want all the women who ever did me wrong to be forced onto the front lines and also live brutal lives as men.

But on the other hand...if wars are fought by women...that means society has more men than women, so its a problem, and even harder for me to get laid.