mgtow videobloggers


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i fkn hate mgtow videobloggers
in every given vid they express how good and successful they are yet at the end of the video they beg you to buy their merch and support on patreon. pathetic :evil:


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Why can't any of these beautiful girls make money the honest way, get a frecking job. But they don't want too because they believe their good looks will give them everything they want. pathetic


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They give me cuck vibes of males who are overly positive.

Some days I feel like its a dimensional rift. I see a grim fucked up world, yet everyone goes around acting like Spongebob and overly positive.


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Im considering starting a youtube channel, and i GUARANTEE it WONT be "positive", and I wont be selling anything! Just explaining the reality of the world to itself! Im SURE ill get LOTS of haters!!