messing around online


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so i was 17 right. me mates had fucked around and created a account of me online. talking to fat broads. but i made one for meself. got talking to this girl. arranaged to meet up. but she never showed. whats all that about. used to at leats get responses in those days. today i get nothing on pof and tinder.


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Imagine them later posting your rants on cuckqueers and stating nobody harasses incels and it's just your toxic personality. Despicable creatures.

Btw daily reminder that they only do such thing openly when they expect you're unable to fight back. They only language to actually universally make sense to them is brutal strength. This is why they are pushing more and more laws to restrict physical abuse and, once these are implemented, go on mocking gymcels for hypercompensation. They are just afraid.

Of course it is compensation for not being Chad, no gym for your face and so forth, but being a bogeyman is better than being a mockery.
Booga booga booga, we be misogynistic pedο virgin creepy inkels all your 14 y.o. mladies are belong to us


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I’m not sure if it’s better to get rejected while online or actually meeting up with a female and being yourself. Then never hearing from them again. That used to happen to me on match. I’ve never even used tinder. Or any newer sites. I don’t even bother.