Love is dangerous
this day i saw one of my friends beaten up HARD and when i ask him why, he sead that he tried to approach a foid he liked but that foid didnt do, SHE actually was disgusted from him and felt ashamed i SAW HER face and instead of telling him that she didnt like him, she actually told 3 of her cuck slave orbiters to go get him and beat him up, my friend didnt know that they were going to get him until they actually did.......
THAT truelly shows the devil behind that foid and her ego and the fact that she has all the 3 orbiters fight my friend for a chance with the bitch makes it even worst................this truelly ruined my day o_O.


Incels.Net Master
I said it before, men are to blame, men are biological robots programmed to hate and attack other males... there are always willing to do some emotionally unstables random whim and bidding...
women like this are not logical, they do thinks based on emotional turbelence... men are to blame because they have the ability to stoically know not to do it, but still do it anyway...