memoirs of a probable incel in denial


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PREFACE: I know whats going to happen, this post wont conform to the black-pill ideology and I'll be banned, or maybe I'll be so cringy i become a meme or get posted to Reddit. what ever happens, take this as an opportunity to either help or covert me.

To begin, i don't consider myself an "incel". I've been in relationships before; even gotten intimate. in fact you probably think I'm a "chad"; most girls I've been with have consistently talked about my apparently strong jawline, lean muscular build, even my voice is apparently a turn on. so you're probably asking: "wtf is this chad doing trying to pass himself off as one of us?", well let me explain. i am a total sperg. In 2014 i was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. I don't consider myself low functioning but i still often find myself often struggling to interpret peoples' social ques or accidentally offending people by not remembering to make eye contact and stuff. so because my Asperger's i often am at a disadvantage in social situations because of it; obviously not doing any favours for my love life. except that isn't the only disadvantage i have. i was also born with a lisp and a stutter. I needless to say, hate these speech impediments. my stutter fluctuates in intensity; at it's worst when I'm tired or nervous. so its not that bad because usually it's not that noticeable but it's still a massive confidence dash. my lisp also wrecks my confidence because despite my partner's insistance, i think it make me sound UN-attractive and (for lack of a better term) "beta".

TL;DR apparently girls think I'm physically attractive and love my personality. Except i am usually socially awkward because of insecurities surrounding my Asperger's and speech impediments.


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Since when is incel synonymous with complete virgin? Incel means involuntary celibate.

If you buy a prostіtute for one day or or get lucky and get laid for 1 day after waiting for 5 years, then she dumps you the next morning and never speaks to you again, you are still an incel. I think I am a sperg as well and also have body dysphoria so its tough for me to flirt with people. America seems to rub it in with these shirts and posters about "Love" yet make it illegal to get a prostіtute and ban craigslist, it's like a frustration fest that they do on purpose just to make you feel horrible.

It's like, if I'm looking at porn or hentai and I want a girl to fuck now, yet realize I live in a country where it's illegal to get a prostute and that craigslist is banned, and that my only option to date is act like I'm high status and normal and court a girl for 5 months (when I'm neither high status or normal) while feeling constant frustration, that is involuntary celibacy. When you want to get laid and you can't. With Chad's when they go out they usually can get laid with ease, so they aren't involuntary celibates. There is no such thing as a Chad who had to endure years of sexual frustration without any sex. Yet Chad's will go around shaming anyone who wants to have sex.