Marriage is declining, which is fairly good news,


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There was a dailywire article I read a few days ago. Marriage is at a record low. I say good riddance. ’Marriage’ in our day and age is a meaningless joke. People are having more s3x than ever and females entering marriage carry with them all sorts of baggage including nigh religious loyalty to their first (scumbag chad), a consequence of biology. A ‘wife’ nowadays is nothing more than a glorified and expensive prostіtute that you can’t even do anything you want with, so if you really need sex you are better off hiring an escort.

Does this news mean that some betabuxx ITiots are finally waking up to the true state of affairs?

As for me I say meh. I will wait. Since I can confide in my vivid rich imagination without need of Pοrn I will happily remain a virgin. What do you guys think?


Others look for waifus, I make my own waifu
You are probably right, but chads are very rare and most married men are not chads.
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Others look for waifus, I make my own waifu
Demir said:
women will rather be "single" and fuck with married chads than marry a betabux
This. It's not that simps aren't betabuxxing anymore. It's that women don't even need a husband betabux. Simps will donate money to them anyways.
Sad state of affairs. Unfortunately it seems humans are hardwired for this type of polygamy. If only simps will learn.

I stand by my case that Chads are the main problem, foids are an accessory to the issue. If Chad’s weren’t greedy foids would be more realistic about their expectation. However brainwashing (via cultural religious influence( does work. Also if foids can fall in love with dogs they can fall in love with us. The human mind is a medium, if only we can learn to paint with it, we could create a better society for us.


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A lot of the guys I went to high school with are married. Over the years from time to time I've lurked on their Facebook accounts with stalking accounts of my own. It's disturbing to see the contrast between their accounts and those of their wives. Usually these dude's accounts will be centered around the life they share with their wives, and kids if they have any, while their wive's accounts are all about her. With most of these women you would hardly even know they were married. Quite a few of these guy's wives are included with them in their pofile pics while their spoiled "partner's" profiles only depict themselves. A lot of these women only post pics of their husbands doing housework and taking care of the kids. It makes me sick. I can't see how these guys can look at their own lives and not die of cringe. They must have to do a whole lot of mental gymnastics as well as coping to keep it up.