Males have no rights (warning, heavy)


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So I clicked an article about a transgender woman who got a life sentence for molesting two women. The trans woman was ugly as a man, looked better as woman, but I can't help but wonder if the fact that they looked ugly is what caused the jury to have no mercy...

This trans woman, happened to be a pedophile, I'm not defending pedophilia, I think them being a pedophile may have had something to do with the harsh sentence as well, however...

They weren't being punished for being a pedophile, they were being sent to life in prison for molesting two ADULT women, that seems insane.

Reading the comments there is this inherent hatred towards all males, it's like they want to ship them off to a male prison to rаpe other males...If a male gets rаped in prison noone cares, but if a male molests an adult woman they get life...its insane.

Also its interesting to note that they weren't sent to prison for being a pedophile, but rather, stabbing someone to death in self-defense who was trying to rаpe if you are male and live in the UK, and someone tries to rаpe you, the government doesn't care...

So to summarize, if you are a pedophile you get a light sentence, but if you molest two women you get life.... humanity is beyond evil and insane... I feel no love for the human raсe they are an abomination...

The pedophile thing makes it hard to defend the person, but it's a slippery slope where the government will start handing out life sentences just for touching an ADULT woman's breasts...male's need to wise up and see what's happening...


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But what can we do as the imcels... There are 6/10 hot guys here to 1/10 if you count thats 80% of the male population - a few fuckboys 40% of the popular what can. We do to change the corrupted laws because most government are corrupted it's people thats the problem


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Nostalgicel said:
Vote right wing to pay less taxes (only female benefit from taxes)
Vote right wing to ban prostitutes and encourage cucky christian values...

seriously fuck the right and left...

Why would i vote for a chad party that only cares about rich people, the only advantage they have on the left is not being retаrded sjws


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Sounds like you need a new party then. All the current ones are full of Chads & Stacies....


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First of all, I'm vicariously flattered for all trans people that you've used gender-neutral pronouns. Thank you, that was very considerate of you.

Secondly, I've been lurking on the forums for a week or so, now, @lordoftheincels and I've gauged that you're very self-aware. I also just finished reading your post about being a 23-year-old model-tier pedophile on Tinder. Now, bearing in mind your capacity for self-reflection and apparent preoccupation with pedophilia, I ask you this: why is it so revoltingly offensive to you that someone goes to jail for rаpe rather than for pedophilia, specifically? Does pedophilia simply represent the ultimate in heinous crimes to you, or do you have a propensity for pedophilia yourself?

I mean no harm in asking. In fact I sympathize with non-criminal/inactive pedophiles. I believe sexual perversion and deviancy occurs in childhood and, although adults are obviously responsible for their actions, they are not responsible for their sexual leanings.

To be frank I just made an account because I wanted an audience with you. I'm 25, a conventionally attractive girl (will substantiate this claim with pictures, and furthermore I'm only making this claim so that you know not all beautiful women are cruel and mechanical), and I also struggle with deep-seated feelings of rage at the opposite sex. Rather than rage at being neglected and ignored, though, I'm angry because of the torrential and obfuscating torrent of male sexuality that hits me in the face the moment I walk out of my fuсking house. I am not a person in the eyes of most men--I'm a sex object. And it makes me hate them. Perhaps much like you hаte women for perceiving you as an incel.

Men do not respect me and it makes me hate them, period. The blatant disrespect for my personhood has caused me extreme personal distress. I don't own a dress or heels because I want to have meaningful interactions with other people--not constantly play a mating game like we're in the fuсking Sahara. I think you might feel this way about women, too--that they do not respect you, and are either unwilling or unable to access your humanity.

To quote you, "Humanity is beyond evil and insane." I am neither a sl*t nor a cold and calculating bitch. Here I am perusing these forums, trying to understand, and singling you out because you are obviously intelligent enough to help me understand. Thank you for reading. I would've initiated this conversation via PM were I not restricted to making forum posts.

Here's some common ground: both of us fuсking HATE Chads. All of my exes are bean poles. Overdeveloped musculature signals either stupidity or narcissism in my experience.