Male Entitlement


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Always boggles my mind how normies shame incels as entitled. Entitled for just wanting to get laid and to be loved.

Getting laid and getting loved is pretty basic. Its not asking for much. But the normie double standard expects incels to be content as tfl monks.

Science proves you can die of a broken heart and also lower life-span from not getting laid. So TFL is actually a form of murder and/or assault.

Still there is hope. The normie blue pill news such as VICE and Buzz are starting to grow weary of the tyranny of the 1%. I expect there to be a reduction of the feminist infueled incel-bashing articles in the future, perhaps even a turnaround and an influx of articles sympathetic to incels.


MAD as a Hatter!
not in our lifetime im afraid, and not enough to make a difference to us... Womens NATURE will never change..