Making sex a basic right


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IncelRescuer said:
The only way to change our status is to vote for minor tweaks to laws such as the dissolution of the welfare state. That alone would be a huge plus to incels. No welfare, the Stacies cannot expect to sit at home fuсking drug dealers and get paid for it...they will have to at least get a job to support their children, or compromise on standards of Chadness to have a financially stable life. Otherwise, let them perish by their own hand. Likewise, with income not guaranteed, there will be less spending on entertainment, which is the primary source of income for Chads and Stacies (actors, athletes, models, singers, etc.)...incels will have a much more level playing field that way.
Unless women get banned completely from work this would backfire for incels. Companies already hire more women for "diversity" and with the dissolution of the welfare state they could screw us over completely. Workforce would be 99% women. They would still fuck drug dealers while incels became homeless.
Women can't/won't work when the pregnancy nears completion and for some time after birth. And frankly, those single sl*t moms simply refuse to work.


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Women can't/won't work when the pregnancy nears completion and for some time after birth.
Tell that to the simp employers who only hire women for office jobs, although there is no law that obligates them to do so. Even in manual labor men are getting slowly replaced by women.


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But when the woman goes on maternity leave, there is at least a contract opportunity for a man.

I know that feeling, where women are replacing men in office jobs, even if they don't do ѕhit. Most of my office's software QA testers are all women, and they are so fuсking useless it's unbelievable.

They love to pick on me the ricecel, constantly whispering in front of me things like "How can any woman stand him?" Then they ask me to help them do their jobs as they have no fuсking clue what their job entails. Oh my diversity is our strength.

The good news is the Chinese feminazis are destroying China:
Straight man cancer - Wikipedia

The bad news is countries that got their ѕhit together, like India, where marriages are arranged, are leaping way ahead of North America. With arranged marriages ensuring men that work hard and deliver get the better looking brides, and produce likewise high grade offspring, and women staying home and minding the children, India's workforce can focus on producing and innovating. That's why Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc are all moving to India. Very soon India will be the number one superpower in the world.

But hey, we will have the best feminazis!


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I'd rather go back to the days of sl*t-shaming and making adultery and premarital sex illegal. If women knew they had to marry as virgins, more of them would pairbond for life earlier in life. Old Bettys would still exist and give lower-status males a chance out of desperation.


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That’s honestly too extreme and would never work
But it's working in India. The economy is exploding and they are making leaps and bounds in technology and the living standard.

The only thing that isn't working is the western notion of romantic love: look at all the single sl*t moms wasting our tax dollars by demanding welfare support so they can exclusively fuck Chads while we incels pay for it. So many kids growing up in welfare housing with drug dealing fathers they've never met, and junkie wh*re moms fuсking any drug dealer that passes by for free hits. Look at how hardworking incels like us cannot even get a tell me this bullshit is working?