Lying to get what you want?


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I've been reading posts on here lately and I've noticed a lot of people claiming people lie to get what they want.

Maybe that's a reason incels have a hard time getting laid is that they do not lie about stuff as much. They are too honest.

It seems like if a person lies about their intentions when concerning women they have better chances or if they lie about who they are as a person. It's probably not sustainable but it's a thought.

I've been single for several months after my Gf lied to me and I suspected she might've been cheating. People lie all the time and

I've struggled with it for my entire life. I remember my gf lying to my face for a week about seeing a guy one night and I finally found out about it. It blew me away honestly. I cannot believe how some people go on lying about things with no remorse.

I've always tried to be honest but it seems honesty is the opposite of mainstream. Many people become who they are by being dishonest. I met a co-worker who lied about stuff on his application but ended up getting high up in where we worked. Is honesty dead? It's almost like if you are honest with your intentions it's a turn off for women and people do not understand why you would be honest.

I guess it might only work if you are a "Chad" because I have a friend who is a Chad and uses tinder with a bio saying "only looking for hookups" and it works for him. I struggle to get matches on tinder and when I do usually they are not amazing. This dude pulls 9's and 10's with a bio like that. It's crazy. Makes me wonder if women are really that shallow. He even told me that he cucked some guy and the guy's wife got pregnant and the guy doesn't even know. It honestly made me nauseous. Some poor bastard had his wife cheat on him and get pregnant from a chad and the guy doesn't even know the kid isn't even his.

Makes me lose faith in relationships after hearing that and my bad experience with my first GF. I've been depressed lately because of this and gained some weight. I'm not obese or anything but I'm not in great shape anymore. I noticed when I was in better shape people were generally nicer to me. People would open doors or go out of there way to do little things. Now since I put on 20 pounds I feel invisible most of the time. I'm paranoid of getting into a relationship with a chick and then find out I've been traded up or cheated on by a guy better looking than me.

I never had girlfriends in high school and had to work my ass off to finally get one in college. I was a skinny kid. I had to put on weight, go to the gym, get a haircut, get better hygiene, make friends, and dress with fashion instead of just saying fuck it. After all of that work and I felt like I was finally getting somewhere I still ended up getting lied to and basically cheated on.

Like fuck man. I can only do so much with my body and I was peaking. Some chicks are just ruthless. I was probably a 6/10 at that time for looks. I'm a tall guy and I finally wasn't skinny anymore. I wasn't ripped but I was in shape. It's fucked, man. I'm telling you. It feels like the viewpoints of incel really are valid sometimes. As much as I want to believe in the "Blue pill" it seems like a load of shit. More women than ever are cheating on their spouses, third wave feminism has brought cancer to western society giving privileges to women that men do not have by the boatload in the name of "equality". I used to go to therapy but my therapist is a feminist who claims women are oppressed and I wanted to off myself listening to her pout pure nonsense to me.

Toxic masculinity is mainstream with people claiming men are the problem when men have been fighting for women's rights since feminism began. I refuse to cold approach women even if I'm average looking because I do not want to be labeled a creep or have some women claim I'm harassing them by just trying to initiate a conversation. It seems average or slightly above average isn't good enough anymore and women only want men who are 8's or 9's or 10's in terms of looks and income. I feel like I can only maybe pull 4's with a lot of concentrated effort. I think I've gone MGTOW. There's literally no point right now for me to pursue women. I'm average looking, even though I'm tall 6'2, and slightly overweight. I might as well go fucking MGTOW until I'm making over 100k and am in amazing shape to dare go for a woman who's above a 5 or 6 in terms of looks/income. I see 6's who are women dating 6'4 ripped chad's who are tens more and more. Rarely I'll see two people who are average together. Most of the time it's obvious the woman is more attractive than the guy but she's there because he has lots of money or the guy is at least two points higher than the woman.

Sad times indeed. Feels like the system of men getting mates is backward and all out of wack because of feminism.

End rant.


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Yeah after not ever having one it was awesome but what ended up happening as a result of that relationship has made me almost resent women in general. That was 5 months ago or so. Since then I feel like even if I can now get a gf if I go full tryhard mode and work my ass off I will become cucked. Goes back to that honesty thing. Why tell my boyfriend I'm not happy in the relationship? When I can just lie to his face and cheat on him.


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Although many people do lie to get what they want, not all do all the time.

I’d be lying if I said not everyone lies. We do it to our advantage, and it brings other people down. Some lies aren’t so bad, while others can be... devastating for the person they’re lying to.

It’s unfair for people to get cheated on. It’s unfair that a lot of men and women have to live in shit relationships with poor communication and low sexual activity. But... It happens.

I think the best course of action is to learn from what happened and move on. A woman who wastes your time like that is no real woman at all.

Real women genuinely care about the person (or people in general) that they’re with. It’s just hard to form a really tight connection with someone who truly makes you happy. It’s not so much about sexual appeal if your partner is more interested in your happiness. Who cares about her if she’d rather have sex with a hot man? It’s more about the feelings. If a woman or man don’t want to respect that, they don’t have to. They’ll just feel the repercussions afterwards.