Lying ex


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A year ago I was in a relationship with a very religious girl (Buddhist). This one is quiet a puzzle because I still can't figure out if she's a lying sociopath or just mentally ill. So she's basically full of lies all the time and being the bluepilled cuck that I was, I stayed silent eventhough I saw through her bullshit most of the time. For example, one time we were talking with each other via phone and she started telling sob stories about how her parents forbade her from socializing with friends throughout her childhood bla bla bla. So naturally I sympathized with her and said that I would hug her if I could but she basically replied back saying "hugging = married couples only". Like what the fuck? The same bitch who idolized Hollywood stuff but couldn't handle a simple hug? I mean am I crazy here? Does Buddhism even say anything about hugging and kissing? Also, there were instances when I wanted to see her after a few weeks of not meeting each other and she told me come meet her in her parent's house. I was like "ok" and then she proceeded to "change her mind" within seconds and basically begged me not to come. Long story short, I finally blocked her number without even saying anything. The fact that you people can keep on living is beyond me cause I know that this sounds like chicken ѕhit compared to the banshees you guys have encountered.