Low self esteem


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So as far as I can see, the problem is that women have gotten too much confidence these days with all this talk of empowerment and body confidence. They think they all deserve the most attractive men, and that all women are beautiful, whether they're a land whale or not.
However I feel some hope that maybe, one day I might find a girl that has 'low self-esteem' and she might be able to show some humility and not just jump to the conclusion that I am beneath her...
It's getting less and less frequent to find girls like this.....
You'll probably all say that this type of girl doesn't exist, and you're probably right


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Cope, foids with low confidence let Chad and Tyrone fuck her to feel approved. ITS OVER in the west, no hope no cope


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Holes that proclaim they have "low self esteem" are the sluttiest, they are so vulnerable they would let any alpha give them a creampie just by looking at them.