Looks really don't matter


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So the argument that "normies" have against "incels" is that it' s their social skills that are the problem and that they focus too much on their looks.

Take me for example. I have passed girls, without even looking at them, and they have made fun of me. I have been bullied and made fun of in clubs. I have been snarled at also without even approaching and knowing a person (only looking in their general direction-not at them). I have tried to maintain conversations with girls, but they loose interest and don't seem like they want to talk to me. Therefore it must boil down to my appearance. Maybe they think that I look like a creep or am ugly. I bet you if I was somewhat attractive or at least above 3/10 I wouldn't get so much hate (not even debatable). I might still get hate depending on the people, but not nearly as much. Maybe if I "looksmaxed" I could go up to 4/10. I am a little tall, but evidently ugly.


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Females do all the talking themselves when it's with Chad. They will possibly tolerate you talking to them when you're not Chad but above their league. They will avoid you or treat you aggressively when you're their looksmatch or below.

Also, a truly miserable and depressed female will settle for almost any man to talk to use as an emotional tampon. Like if there literally aren't any other man around, even I am offered this privilege.

Because I know it's their literal last resort as they literally frown upon or ignore me the rest of the time, I don't even feel gloat tbh. And I'm for equal distribution of misery, so IDGAF if a word or two of support is cucked. Of course it's usually nothing really serious and that's why talks on "muh stronk independant wymyn" put a grin on my face. They are dependant as fuck and attempts to prove otherwise are LARP and tryhard.

Btw, that's why to me it sounds legit that Western females live on tutorial mode. Westcels don't report experience similar to mine (I don't live in no West).

I thought that maybe it could be attributed to differences in "muh culture", but, for example, the cultural dimensions theory says that European cultures are about being reserved, Asian lean towards hypocrisy on one's own feelings, while North American ones are about openness.

Then it came to me that I could be a fakecel, but on r/incelselfies and from leaked pics it was seen that too many incels mog me to stick to this explanation.

That's why I attribute the whole thing to feminazi-enforced tutorial mode, which is most prevalent in the West, preventing females from ever being truly miserable and depressed and therefore further minimizing contact with sub-Chad and especially incels. Also shit is concordant with the fact that some westcels claim "wymyn can't be depressed". Moreover, from the experience described above I know that the problem isn't my personality.

Make normies miserable again.


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Not only do women hate ugly men, but for some reason ugly men get them angry. They feel rage when they see an ugly man. If it was up to them, all ugly men would lead themselves off a cliff to their death. We are so ugly that we warrant death in their eyes.