Looking in the mirror every day I sometimes forget I am ugly


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Do you ever experience this? I think I look okay from certain angles. It's not until I see bad photos of myself or catch my reflection from a bad angle that I recognize what other people are seeing. I'm glad I don't see this every day. I will post what I think are good photos of myself on social media and still have friends tell me that I don't look good. That's when I'm left scratching my head wondering what else it is that people are seeing that is still ugly.


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I look in the mirror everyday and see a handsome individual. I look at my talents and achievements, my qualities and characteristics and I love who I am. I know my weaknesses and know I am not perfect, and never expect anyone else to be perfect. All i've ever asked for in a potential partner is to be treated with respect. Then I realise that society has a set 'model' of what is attractive and thats why no women really allows the courting process to take place. We are essentially millions of years into evolution, and then royally fucked over by man-made policies and propaganda which is aimed at dividing men and women.

I think the world should stick to two-child only policies in families. The devastation being caused by de-population strategies by governments is resulting in a lot of pain for many males in our societies. Feminists are creating a very bad future for their sons, where many will go on to commit suіcіde.
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When someone constantly see themselves over and over again they’ll eventually get accustomed to the ugliness, however imagine a foid who can only tolerate Chads looks at us then we’ll truly be reminded on how bad we look.