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MOD EDIT: Banned. The other mods gave him 4 warnings and this was his final straw. He has defiled our temple with insults and abuse of the Quality Section. We also do not encourage glorification of real-life mass murderers here. However, we do not wish to fully censor, so here is the video, if you can watch it that is, its two hours long.

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I am reluctant to ban japanese people, but if you keep defiling our temple with low quality shit I may have to. I thought japanese people had culture and manners.

Its a 2 hour video starting with profanity. If you have some kind of thesis to say, say it, otherwise stop it with the glorification of mass shooters because its ruining our image. Not to mention, noone's gonna watch a 2 hour video of someone rambling, especially if there is not context or description of the video.