Little girls being brainwashed by their moms to be "nasty little sl*ts"


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trentDIESalone said:
I mean we was just talking about how crazy these protestor women are and then all the sudden-
Player said:

Just imagine foursome with them.
The thread went into the gutter so quickly lol
Oh, come on, man, just do the math.

> The OP is about how mothers pimping their daughters on the street. Signs "I am sl*t" and ѕhit.
> My post is about how mothers pimping their daughters on social media. Slutty leotards and ѕhit.

Can't you follow?
Oh nevermind then.

I thought that was just a coomer post but it makes more sense in context of the kids being used by the mother. Gnarly ѕhit.


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‘Never forget that you are powerful, vulnerable and deserving’. No wonder so many females are self-entitled when they are told this type of ѕhit.
I read vulnerable too, it's valuable.

Why so surprised? They already eat their food from Pοrn tax money and thot business (i.e IG models, onlyfans, any site that allows foids to post their pics)
The devolution from humans to pigs already started.
The years of fake pride from stolen oil has to come down to this.
It's only a matter of time till they walk the streets wearing newspapers and coconut hats.
I don't get that last line.

If they have to be little sl*ts, why not be our sl*ts then?

No, Chad only. Meeks only. These wh*res need to be controlled and [disciplined] like the Talibans do it.
Because it's their choice who they fuck, inkwell. Right to reject. Everyone has the freedom to choice but none of us have the freedom *from* choice.

As soon as moms hit the wall they start sexualizing their little girls. It's disgusting.
And this happens earlier and earlier now because women are becoming moms later and later. It's a self-sustaining cycle.